Rules & Regulations

1. Everyone must purchase an Admission Ticket to stay within the hall.

2. You must have the last number called in order to have a valid bingo.

3. It is the players responsibility to stop the game.

4. Please keep talking to an ABSOLUTE minimum .

5. Cell phone calls should be made or received outside the hall while bingo is in play.

6. Foul language, impoliteness or disrespect toward players, volunteers and/or workers will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave without a refund. And or a 30-120 day  Suspension from Admittance or possibly  permanent refusal .

7. All paper must be marked with an ink dotter. Any other markings like pen, pencil, or crayon will invalidate your card.

8. No splitting of packs, one computer per person.

9. Only one discount per person per night. Example: Coupon, Discount and or Promotion Discounts, with the exception of Posted Double Coupon Nights and or Promotional Gift Certificates. Posted Double Coupon Nights and Promotional Gift Certificates can be used with any of the above discounts, with the exception of Black Out days.

10. Prize money will be divided equally among winners.

11. Games, Prizes, and Payouts are subject to change without notice.

12. Customers disrupting others will first be given a warning and then asked to leave without a refund in some cases a warning may not be given and you will be asked to leave without a refund. And/or a 30-120 day suspension from admittance or possibly permanent refusal .

13. ADF reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone for any reason.

14. All decisions made by management are final.

15. Must be 18 years or older to receive a loyalty card, discounts and special promotions.

Emergency Guidelines:

1. Under the circumstance that there is a health emergency by any patron, customer, volunteer and or staff member and we are in the middle of playing bingo games the caller will continue playing while management attends to the situation. Please note the less people are walking around inside and out and blocking door ways and entrances and the surrounding area of the person needing emergency help will greatly aide those that are trying to assist the person in need of assistance.

1a. If no games are in play during a health emergency we ask that you stay clear of the area and again do not block any doors near the entrance in case an emergency vehicle and or aide comes to assist and need a clear and fast efficient way to enter the building.

2. Under the circumstance of electric failure happens to do a storm or power failure we ask all guests to please stay seated. The wait time is 30 minutes, if the power does not resume we ask that you take all your papers and receipt and we will refund you and or exchange all unused games that where not played on your next visit.